Craftsman CMCB204 Replacement Battery For Craftsman 20V Adjustable Straight String Trimmer,

  • $68.99
  • Save $36.20

  • Capacity: 4000mAh;
  • Type: Li-ion;
  • Volts: 20.0V;
  • Dimension:119.40 x 78.00 x 72.00mm;

    - Compatible Model:
  • CRAFTSMAN 16GA Straight Finish Nailer, 18GA Brad Nailer, 20V Adjustable Straight String Trimmer, CMCBL0100, CMCBL0100B, CMCBL700, CMCBL700D1, CMCBL720, CMCBL720M1, CMCCS620 V20 12-In Compact Chainsaw, CMCCS620M1, CMCCSL621, CMCCSL621D1, CMCCSP20, CMCCSP20M1, CMCD700, CMCD701, CMCD701C2, CMCD710, CMCD710C1, CMCD710C2, CMCD711, CMCD711C2, CMCD720, CMCD720D2, CMCD721, CMCD721D2, CMCE500, CMCE500B, CMCE500D1, CMCF800, CMCF800C1, CMCF800C2, CMCF810, CMCF810C2, CMCF820, CMCF820B, CMCF820D2, CMCF900B, CMCF900M1, CMCF910B, CMCG400, CMCG400B, CMCG400M1, CMCK200C2, CMCK210C2, CMCK220D2, CMCK397M1, CMCK400D2, CMCL005, CMCL005B, CMCL020, CMCL020B, CMCL030, CMCL030B, CMCN616C1, CMCN618, CMCN618C1, CMCR001, CMCR001B, CMCS300, CMCS300M1, CMCS4000M1, CMCS500, CMCS500M1, CMCS600, CMCS600D1, CMCS714, CMCS714M1, CMCST900D1, CMCST910, CMCST910M1, CMCST920, CMCV002B, CMCW220, CMCW220B, CMST17835, MCK210C2, MCS300B, V20 Axial Blower, V20 Brushless WEEDWACKER String Trimmer, V20 Cordless Axial Blower, V20 Cordless Brushless Axial Blower, V20 Cordless Compact Blower, V20 Cordless Lopper, V20 Cordless Pole Chainsaw;

    - Replace Battery Number:

    Features :
    20V MAX* 4Ah High Capacity Lithium battery provides extreme runtime for heavy duty job-site applications;
    Professional grade high energy cells for improved power;
    Longer cycle life resulting in an extended battery life;
    3-LED State of charge indicator for immediate battery charge feedback,
  • No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity,